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Our Purpose

"To improve society

by furthering the understanding and practice of governance around the world"

We believe 

How well you steer your organisation today, determines the society of tomorrow


We believe

The quality of your governance today, determines your performance tomorrow


We believe

The quality of the first seven years of our children's lives today, determines the quality of our leadership and community tomorrow

The literature is clear, good governance improves organisational performance and supports increases in compliance outcomes. All too often the focus is on the latter and not the former.

We focus on how good governance pushes organisational performance upwards.


Gompers[1] and Bebchuk[2] have clearly demonstrated that good governance results in better ‘contemporaneous and subsequent operating performance’. 


More recently, in 2020, results of a study by Lajili et al[3] highlight the importance of governance design in ‘supporting investments and deploying human resources and capabilities within organisations’. These all support the theoretical work of Aguilera and Becker who are ‘gods’ in the governance field.


The most beautiful thing about governance, though, is that not only do you get improved financial performance, enhanced sustainability and a positive organisational culture, you get compliance.

[1] Gompers, Paul A., Joy L. Ishii, and Andrew Metrick, 2003, Corporate governance and equity prices, Quarterly Journal of Economics 118(1), 107-155.

[2] Bebchuk, Lucian, Alma Cohen, and Allen Ferrell, 2004, What matters in corporate governance?, Working paper, Harvard Law School

[3] Lajili, Kaouthar and Lin, Lauren Yu-Hsin and Rostamkalaei, Anoosheh, Corporate Governance, Human Capital Resources, and Firm Performance: Exploring the Missing Links (July 20, 2020). 45(4) Journal of General Management 192-205

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