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Our purpose, our vision and our values

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Our vision and our purpose

Our vision is to contribute to the humanising of organisations and so improve societal equanimity.

Our purpose is to be a catalyst for leaders to embrace the humanity of organisations

Organisations around the world are all innately human; they are just groups of people gathered around a vision, purpose or aspiring objective. PerrinCarey, through its research, workshops and courses, educates leaders and people throughout organisations about human behaviour, decision-making and actions, and how these interact to form organisational cultures.



Our values


Being compassionate
Compassion is empathy in action. 

It’s seeing the human being, both ourselves and others, and reaching towards them with an open heart and generous understanding.

Being curious
Curiosity is a desire to understand.

It’s being inquisitive and open, reflecting on ideas and exploring hinterlands to challenge our own present understanding.

Being courageous
Courage is wholehearted vulnerability.

It’s willing to bring your authentic self to a situation or another person, and at the same time risking connection.

What we believe to be true

We believe that how human your organisation is today, determines the society of tomorrow

We believe that the humanity of your leadership today, determines your performance tomorrow

We believe that the quality of the first 7-years of our children's lives today, determines the quality of our leadership and community tomorrow

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