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Accepting that you are learning requires courage; we welcome you to be courageous with us.

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Our workshops

If organisations are just group of humans then it is imperative that we understand human behaviour, how we make decisions and what makes a cohesive resilient group. With this knowledge and understanding, we can bulid human organisations of great strength and performance for the long-term.

Our workshops, online courses and leadership coaching cover areas such as: 

  • The importance and science behind purpose and values based governance and how modern governance is evolving and shifting.

  • How humans make decisions both as individuals and as groups and how this is influenced by your organisational culture.

  • The interconnection between the purpose in your organisation, the values you share and the behaviours exhibited, with the culture that emerges.

  • How our lived experiences - some describe as trauma - impacts our decision-making and how we develop human connection.

  • The key disruptors to decision-making and how emotions such as fear and shame manifest themselves in our organisations.

  • How human leadership, at its most core human level, requires us to be vulnerable and how courage is the essence of modern leadership.

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