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Our mindset, the way we choose to interact with the changing world around us, is going to be the key determinant of how well we manage this crisis. What does that look like and is it deliberate enough?

In the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, when we can finally head back to museums, you will find Paul Gauguin's magnificent, "Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?"

Perhaps, as we remain in this 'locked down' state and we try to figure out what the future is going to look like, we should be more deliberate in our approach.

Being deliberate, making decisions that are clear, open to all to see and that are based on robust reflection will be the determinant of the future that awaits. It's good governance.

There are three possible choices on our doorstep at the moment:

Work really hard to get back to 'normal',

Watch others and be led by an evolutionary mindset, or

Determine your own direction using a deliberate mindset.

These are choices, our choices, the choices we make as,







Where do we come from?

What are we?

Where are we going?

Where do we come from?

Reflection is vitally important. It’s helps us with the next two questions immensely, but it also helps us in understanding our past journey. It can help us learn. It can provide insight into our future.

Do we reflect? Enough? Not enough? Too much?

Do we let it inform our decisions?

Do we run from it?

Do we learn from it?

What are we?

This is at the core of what we call culture.

'People like us, do things like this', Seth Godin

Do we understand what we represent?

Do others understand, are they with us?

Do our values show who we are? Do we live them?

Where are we going?

Those that can live with uncertainty, those that can walk next to their fears are those that lead. Leadership is not a privilege bestowed upon us, it's a choice, a deliberate choice to collaborate and contribute to others. Leadership is a choice to move towards possibility.

Will we deliberately seek this out?

Will we use risk management? Do we use opportunity management?

Will we harness the power of AI and Big Data?

Will we lead others with kindness, openness and compassion?

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