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We make many decisions, but what comes next often determines if that decision makes if off the ground, or falls fallow in the field.

You’ve made a great decision.

Then what?

There are three streams of effort, three things you need to get right to put this decision into action:

1. Clear instruction

2. Efficiencies of operation, and

3. Reasoned persistence...not just relentless, reasoned

Think about it...

If you've made a good decision, it makes no sense to have the communication of that decision fall fallow, be misdirected or misunderstood. What a waste of a good decision.

Even if you manage to communicate the decision to the right department, and they understand what to do. If your department is inefficient, ineffective or simply does not have the capacity or capability to implement the decision, it will at a minimum not have the outcome you hoped, or at worst, could fail entirely.

And finally,

Sometimes it is important to not give up on the first effort, but how many times do you try, how many occasions do you repeat the same *decision-communication-action*, before you reason to change, to stop, to think again.

Be persistent; but be reasoned in that persistence.

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