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Sometimes the warning signs are not so obviously clear. It's important to have good sight and monitoring of your business risks.

The other day I met a horse and cart travelling along this stretch of road.

This is Guernsey after all!

It’s probably one of the few vehicles capable, as the width restriction is less than 6ft.

How kind though, for the Guernsey Traffic Committee to put in place such clear guidance as to what size you need to be! Fit through this and you’ll be alright.

Sometimes though, the width of the road ahead is not so easily judged or measured.

There may not be so clearly defined verges and borders.

Or the markings may be obscured.

But often there are signs!

Miss or ignore the signs and then at some point you may simply come to a dead end and you will be able to travel no further.

The ongoing monitoring of client risk is rather akin to this.

Get your monitoring right and you will pick up when the road ahead narrows, and be able to take action early.

Get it wrong, and you may end up at a point of no return with your client relationship and a dim view might be taken by your regulator.

Don’t miss the signs, put in place robust client risk assessments and monitoring.

Then be sure to poke them, prod them, test them.

They need to be working effectively, as they are one of your best methods of ensuring you don’t come to a dead end!

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