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The best governance code in the World

Some people might call me a governance geek.

Having reviewed and dissected multiple governance codes from around the world, for me, there is one that stands out above the rest.

The King IV Governance Code.

There is an honesty about it. And an acceptance that so many others either miss all together or are only now beginning to acknowledge.

The fact that organisations are nothing more than a collection of human beings.

It’s simplicity of bringing everything down to 4 key elements provides both a practicality and a beauty to organisations.

We’ve mapped our governance assessment instrument, GOVIndicia to many corporate governance codes, including the King VI code, but this has been by far the easiest and also the most insightful.

Above everything else, it brings much-needed humanity back into the way we do governance. Interestingly, moving away from codification and much more towards culture, purpose and decision-making.

As 2021 opens up, with much uncertainty, we believe that organisations who put humans at the heart of their governance will be those that not only survive this forthcoming year, but give themselves the greatest possibility for growth and opportunity.

Our model and the assessment that supports it is centred around this principle.

Understanding humans is central to good governance.

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Divya M
Divya M
Jan 04, 2021

Amazing 👌

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