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What was here yesterday, isn't necessarily here today, and certainly, what is here today may well not be here tomorrow. We know this. So, the real question is "What are you doing about that?".

“The road of the singing frogs”.

In a small nestled valley in the heart of St Pierre du Bois, in Guernsey, there used to be thousands of frogs. Every evening, at certain times of the year, they would all croak together, echoing down towards the sea.

Over time the landscape has changed, and sadly no longer is this valley filled with singing frogs, but you will find,


Speckled Wood butterflies,

Bull Finches,

Red tailed bees, and

Wading birds.

Change in inevitable. It’s your response that’s optional.

Compliance is an outcome of robust risk management and a comprehensive governance framework that is supported by lived cultural values.

This is the ethos of my work. To create long term growth, sustainability, efficiency and resilience in organisations, through simplicity, whilst at the same time ensuring compliance.

Our world has always been changing, and now of course we are noticing it more. It’s much more visible because of the size and the speed of the change.

Organisations that built in adaptability to change as part of their culture will of course be far better placed to deal with the current status,


There’s always scope for starting, always opportunity to begin.

If you haven’t started, yet,

There has never been a better time.

We think of governance as being related to compliance, and of course it is, but governance is also the foundation of,

Long-term growth,



Stakeholder engagement, and

Is at the very heart of how organisations make decisions.

Forward thinking and innovative businesses are already making decisions about the opportunities that are beginning to emerge, the terrain of the new landscape, how they will enable and support their people, and how they will ensure their own survival in a world that will never stop changing.

Just like the Rue de Quanteraine, and its singing frogs, what was here yesterday may not be here tomorrow.

Will you and your business?

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