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If we wish to make things better. If we want to improve the way we do things, we can't just sit with what we have. To move, to progress, to be better, we have to 'stretch' ourselves and our organisations. Let's make compliance better.

Most of what I post, my ideas, my thoughts, my opinions, on governance, risk and compliance, I’ve put into practice. I’ve done them. They work.

The organisations that I have collaborated with and those which I continue to work with have benefitted from them. Of course, they have challenged me along the way, pushed me to stretch myself, my knowledge, my own understanding.

This is constructive.

This is collaboration through contribution.

But I’m…I’m all about moving things forwards, breaking ground, sometimes failing and then learning, but all the time, using an evidence-based approach to being creative, innovative and being adaptable to change.

With this in mind, with the overwhelming desire to be at the cutting edge of this profession of governance, risk and compliance and how it knits with culture

…what I really want to do, alongside my work with organisations, leading them towards long-term growth, sustainability and the ability to be adaptable to change, is...

...To reach a deeper understanding, into how this thing we call governance is connected to culture, to the way we do things around here,

...To look harder and more critically at how compliance and risk management are intertwined, the relationship that exists between these two things and how, actually,

If we want to make real change, and move towards better compliance, better risk management and better governance,

We have to address the human beings who are at the heart of all organisations and our society.

To do this, I’m going to have to push myself and my ideas along Joshua Trevino’s scale of Overton’s Window.

In my latest podcast you can hear some of my ideas around this and the 'stretch' that I'm going to begin to make.

My contribution to making things better.

Please feel free to share.

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