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Rising mental health illness; a link with poor governance

In the UK alone in 2018/19 mental health related illness accounted for 17.5 million (54%) of all working days lost due to ill health.

Research consistently tells us that only a minority of people disclose mental illness as a reason for sickness absence.

What we see then is the tip of the iceberg.

Over the last few decades humanity has been progressively stripped from our organisations and replaced with cultures of blame, fear, bullying and discrimination. They are increasingly prevalent.

We know and research is clear that how we make decisions within our organisations is inextricably linked to its culture and poor decision-making results in poor governance.

Evidence from social science, neurobiology and psychology is increasingly identifying that poor organisational culture leads to poor mental health, poor decision-making and poor governance.

What if we brought humanity back into our organisations?

What if governance was assessed not through codification, but through a measure which reflected on the levels of humanity that existed within our organisations?

We believe this is possible.

We believe this is the future.

We believe this is the responsibility of leadership.

We believe.

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