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Our value, Ingenuity

If we think about how organisations work and the importance of purpose, what we realise is that it's our values that guide our decision-making towards our purpose; And it's our values that guide our behaviours.

One of our values is ingenuity, and we describe this as,

"Cultivating innovation by nurturing courage, learning from our failures and embracing vulnerability."

If we think about our visual representation of governance, which is the murmuration of starlings, we can see that whilst cohesion, collaboration and unity are critical it's also vitally important that organisations have the ability to be agile and flexible. This agility enables organisations to respond to the environment around them and to be able to change continually. This is what starlings do when they murmurate. Tens of thousands of birds constantly moving and reshaping themselves, responding to the environment around them and working together towards their single purpose, Survival.

So when we talk about ingenuity, and this concept of cultivating innovation by nurturing courage, we can see that this has a direct relationship with the need to embrace change. Change is the only permanence.

To truly innovate, we have to fail, because failure is what drives learning. To embrace failure requires us to be vulnerable and hence the need to be courageous.

We live in a world that is constantly changing. In fact, it's always been constantly changing; It's just that at this current time the rate of change is significant and accelerated.

As organisations,

As businesses

As non-profits

And indeed as individuals,

If we are to embrace this change,

We need to be brave.

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