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This global crisis is turning out to be a test of global governance and culture. Time and reflection will determine and measure how we all fair.

Perhaps never before now has governance and culture been so critical.

As human beings we make choices, and research indicates that sometimes we make choices that do not conform to the ‘rules’ around us but more to the ‘norms’.

Of course, what international organisations, governments, local authorities, communities are doing right now is ‘governance’. Desperately trying to rapidly change human culture and behaviour using rules, 'nudging' and social peer pressure.

We have to change our behaviours, as the survival of many is perhaps at the mercy of the few.

Only a small number of outliers could disrupt the ‘flattening of the curve’.

I’ve mooted that ‘good' governance is the product of both good decision-making and the effective implementation of those decisions, However, they are all but window dressing to the real game changer, the drivers, the things, without which, these will undoubtedly fail…

...consistent, visible, honest and ethical leadership, guided by clear principles, which encourage good behaviours and culture.

Here we are. Global governance in action.

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