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'Flattening the curve' has sadly become a common phrase. It used to be synonymous with scientists and risk management professionals.

Never, probably, has risk management been so talked about, discussed or been visible in the public domain.

“Flattening the curve”, an expression now almost commonplace in our language, was perhaps not known to the majority of the population before now.

Of course, the reality is that most organisations, in their management of risk, have been doing just this for hundreds of years.

Reducing the peaks; spreading the incidence over time.

Risk Management is a constantly moving, cyclical process.

Risk Management is a balancing act between what we don’t want; and what we do want.

Risk Management is living, fluid and dynamic.

Over this next week, I will touch on risk, its importance, its challenge, and where it is in our modern world - changing by the day.

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