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Sometimes its advantageous to bring in people who know your business. They understand your industry. Sometimes, though, it's better to bring in an outsider. They might see things or contribute in more significant ways.

Be careful, not all bacteria is bad.

Mitochondrion are the power houses of our muscle cells. It’s within these almost innocuous intracellular structures that the majority of energy required for our life is produced by aerobic metabolism.

Without them, we as humans would be limited to the production of energy through anaerobic means, which we can do, but with many limitations and we would certainly not have developed into what we are now without them.

What’s amazing is that mitochondrion probably did not originate from our own genetic evolution but, as a bacteria, became hosted inside our own cells, the ‘endosymbiotic hypothesis’, in order to help us produce energy aerobically.

instinctively realising, as a cell, that there were advantages to bringing in outside assistance to improve overall cellular and therefore organism performance, the mitochondrion was embraced and is now permanently hosted inside our muscle cells.

As businesses, perhaps there are mitochondrion (people, systems, understandings) in other industries, different to ours, where, were we to embrace them, they would substantially enhance our own performance.

Be careful to not become industry insular.

Be open to others’ ideas and do not disregard them just because they are not your own.

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