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As a leader, you need to accept the responsibilities that come with this. Some of those require you to empower others, so they can also lead.

True and honest leadership encourages others to lead.

It is not selfish, it does not micromanage, it is not restrictive.

Leadership is a responsibility, which surpasses all others and whilst probably intangible and unmeasurable provides others with opportunity and ownership.

Being able to work with the possibility of uncertainty and affording our colleagues and peers the acceptance of failure without consequence, in my view, nurtures the creativity and openness needed to fulfil our potential.

Having set up leadership and mentoring programmes designed around the principles of courageousness, kindness and human value, it is clear to me that true leaders encourage leadership from within their organisations.

Empowering your staff to volunteer, to lead, to stand up and carve a new path is the most honest way to nurture culture and encourage ethical behaviour.

”Those who embrace uncertainty, who are allowed to fail and can do this without consequence, but within the boundaries of core values, are the ‘Pathfinders’ for the rest of us.”

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