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These are often used interchangeably. That's a mistake. Leadership needs engagement, whilst management does not. If you want engagement, you have to nurture leadership.

Leadership is not the same as management...

....because management does not require anything of its staff and is based on authority.

Under management,

Our staff are here because it’s their job,

They are here because we tell them to be, and

They are here because therein lies authority.

Leadership, however,

needs engagement,

it needs your staff to sign up, to follow you,

it’s based on their choice because you are asking your staff to come with you.

It’s voluntary.

Their journey will probably be difficult and they may have to invite failure, to recognise its inevitability along the way.

Disappointment is likely and therefore engagement is vital.

It has to be a choice because otherwise, on the first challenge, the first failure, those who have not chosen, they will fall away.

Leadership is the ability to encourage others to volunteer, to enrol and to show up, time and again, in pursuit of possibility alongside the risk of failure.

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