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There is the need for compliance to be more commercial, well at least to understand the commercial imperatives. But how?

How do we get our commercial teams to work closely with player protection?

How do we build it into the core of our business rather than simply seeing it as an annoying box to tick?

I’ve been kindly invited to join the panel at the forthcoming conference organised by KnowNow Limited on Player Protection in the online gambling sector.

The link will take you to a short blog, where I summarise some of my thoughts on these particular questions and the challenge that surrounds these issues.

There is, of course, a false truth that pervades and it’s critical that we work hard to dispel this and change the narrative that surrounds compliance…

...and this through changing culture.

Mission is not culture.

Vision is not culture.

Values are not culture.

Policies are not culture.

Perks are not culture…

…how we behave, that’s culture.

How we treat others, that’s culture.

How we collaborate, that’s culture.

How we lead, that’s culture.

So, if we behave and treat others according to our values, collaborate around our mission and vision and lead others with kindness, respect and challenge, we will engender a compliance culture which aligns with the direction we hope to go.

The task is, of course, how to do this.

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