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It's no coincidence that I have chosen contribution and collaboration as the key methods by which I work with organisations. If we are to move towards better, we need to focus on enhancing social capital.

I’ve rescued over 6000 chickens.

My family and I, whilst volunteering for the British Hen Welfare Trust and in collaboration with UK farmers, re-homed battery hens for 6 years.

William Muir, in 2013, published a now famous study looking at chickens, their pecking order and productivity. He concluded that ‘collaboration’ was far more important than ‘competitive selection’ in determining the flock’s success.

Margaret Heffernan, in her Ted talk of 2015, powerfully describes how as organisations we need to move towards a model of collaboration and contribution and how this supports and dramatically increases social capital, innovation and long term growth.

There is no coincidence that this is the way I work with organisations to support, guide and teach them using this methodology.

I make this clear here.

If we are to move towards better.

If we are to change the way we work

If we are to lead others with empathy

If we are to steer our organisations towards good governance

Then we need to

Collaborate more

Contribute more, and

Be clear in our intention and ownership.

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