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If we are going to do the 'hard work' of changing culture, we should not underestimate the power of story. After all, it's been used for over 40,000 years.

Take a moment, pause...consider this beautiful infinity we have as compliance professionals.

We all have an appreciation that organisational culture, this social and psychological make up of a business, is significantly influenced by its principles, the values of its staff and other stakeholders, as well as their behaviours and beliefs.

These interactions, however are hugely complex and therefore the manifestations of these exchanges are remarkably hard to predict with any certainty. It could be argued, using mathematical modelling that the outcomes are indeed infinite.

For us as governance, risk and compliance professionals then, the challenge of engaging with and positively influencing this ‘culture’ is daunting, almost rather depressing given the situation.

But let’s see this from another view. If the outcomes are infinite, then so are the possibilities. Most recently, I have been exploring the influence that storytelling can have on boardroom behaviour.

Yes, telling stories!

Infinite possibilities, infinite opportunities.

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