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By teaching, we learn.

By contributing, we lift others and grow ourselves.

March last year seems a lost memory of another era.

This said, mid-way through the pandemic lockdown we had in Guernsey, I decided to make this a year of contribution.

100 Blogs

10 Webinars

8 Masterclasses

5 Presentations

4 Conferences

This has been my gift to the governance community in 2020.

There is a proverb of unknown origin with the wisdom that,

“In teaching others, we teach ourselves”

I simply cannot quantify what I have learnt over the last nine months.

Setting myself the challenge of wanting to really understand governance, what it is, how you can actually move towards it and indeed how you might be able to measure it.

This has been my work, my challenge to myself.

Digging deep into evolutionary psychology, behavioural science, neurophysiology, neurobiology, social and emotional learning and of course governance itself.

From this research and with the wonderful support of academic peers, I developed a human model of governance, which brings together the three attributes of culture, decision-making and implementation.

Using this model and wanting to pursue an evidence-based approach, I realised that the next significant step was to create an assessment instrument, which can begin to challenge, test and interrogate the connections that go on within governance.

Along the way, I have met some wonderful people, people that have both challenged me and supported me along this journey. To you all, I am truly grateful.

Of course, we are just at the beginning.

2020 ended with us on-boarding our first few clients and embracing a number of collaborative partnerships.

Organisations whose leaders are hugely courageous and see the true value in human-beings, the people they have with them.

2021 looks hugely exciting.

We are forming our first board of directors

We are strengthening this with some very experienced advisory members

We are building the first full and operating beta version of GOVIndicia (our governance assessment instrument)

We will be seeking funding to expand our vision here in Guernsey.

Most importantly,

We will be partnering and looking to share our profits, through our socio-capitalistic model, with organisations and projects that support the first seven years of life.

“Give me a child until he is seven and I will show you the man”


Emerging research in neurophysiology and neurobiology indicates that the first seven years of life are critical.

It doesn’t stop here, research from social sciences and theories around attachment indicate exactly the same thing.

And the same is true in the research emerging from social and emotional learning.

So it doesn’t matter where you look, we really have to get the first seven years of a child’s life to be ‘good enough’, not perfect, but it really has to be ‘good enough’.

We want to support this work. This valuable and critical work.


We believe

How well you steer your organisation today, determines the society of tomorrow.

We believe

The quality of your governance today, determines your performance tomorrow.

We believe

The quality of the first seven years of our children's lives today, determines the quality of our leadership and community tomorrow.

You can find more about our work here

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