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An Exciting Journey...

As some of you know, we launched GOVindicia® on 4 March, 2021.

It was a journey that started with...

Hope and Purpose

Compassion and Ingenuity

Courageousness and Vulnerability

Moving towards,

...impacting change in our society

...making organisations human-centric

...moulding governance into a new direction

It still feels like a dream to see how far we have travelled, over the last 18 months. A journey that has been a roller coaster of emotions. We remember clearly the moment when we had the idea of using technology to steer organisations towards more human governance, developing a governance assessment tool that helps organisations understand:

How well they are murmurating

How well they are aligned with corporate governance codes

An idea that would revolutionise the way an organisation measures its governance and helps them grow, nurture and flourish in every aspect.

As the days and months passed, we have grown and walked forwards steadily everyday to make our assessment better, reliable and understandable, and we are still on the path...

...a path that may never end.

It will fall

It will rise

We will stumble, and

We will grow...

...but, it will never stop. Because, as long as you are walking and focusing on your path, you don't need to worry about the destination.

As Pema Chodron says,

"Sticking with uncertainty, getting the knack of relaxing in the midst of chaos, learning not to panic- this is the spiritual path."

That is still important to reflect for a moment.

Our approach is to believe and to see and to walk with our fears, anxieties and all potential circumstances, to realise the impermanence of everything, but to choose to do it anyway. Because, when we believe in our values, and when we realise the inherent beauty,

In the work we are doing everyday

In the small changes that we are bringing everyday

In the smiles we bring to leadership, and

In the humanising of governance,

It's an overwhelmingly exciting path we are treading on, and the support of you all beautiful human beings is just wonderful.

We have conducted our technology beta-testing of GOVindicia®

We have on-boarded our first courageous clients

We have collected over 16,000 data points

We have carried out some serious statistical analysis

We have begun to model what 'good governance' is

Next, we are...

Continuing to carry out research and development

Developing further our technology GOVindicia® 2.0

Building a 'governance value and creation' AI engine

Looking for our first round of equity investment

Seeking collaborative partners to work with us


If you are a business looking to use governance as a performance driver and not just compliance requirement?

If you are a courageous leader and realise that the world and the interconnections between business and society are shifting?

If you are an investor who acknowledges that purpose is what will drive long-term growth in the future

If you operate in the governance advisory space and are seeking a data driven, human centric and value creation governance assessment tool?


Come join us.

Connect with us.

Let's make our society a better and safer place for tomorrow.

Let's put human governance in action.

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