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Accountability breeds response-ability

Personal accountability requires mindfulness, acceptance, honesty and courage.

-Shelby Martin

Living in the 21st century, where we believe we have freedom to be our inner selves,

to embrace our imperfections

to be accountable for our own decision-making

to be just us...

Do we have that?

Do we have the inner courage inside ourselves to accept who we truly are?

Is the society around us ready to accept it? Or,

Are we just trying to fit in?

We have all forseen this fact where we all are subconsciously being drawned by labelling, intuiting, judging, assuming conclusions on what we see. We try hard to pretend to be someone else, we try hard to fit in even if it feels claustrophobic. Knowingly or unknowingly people hurting people, and there has to be some accountability for that.

There's this question, which can help us to lead forward, from where we are now.

It is- "Are my words or actions helping me make positive or progressive impact on myself or on the people around me?"

This challenges us to think harder about how accountable we are, the decisions we make, and the path we take. It helps us to rethink using our own belief system, our own arched boundaries and limitations; because there is something underneath the surface which is unsettled... apparently unchangeable, but in fact constantly changing. It just needs honest openness, the courage to be vulnerable, and to accept what it has to show; to be truly human.

However, the impact it can have in our minds depends upon us. It depends upon whether we are accountable for our words and actions, and making them more human. Or,

Are we dehumanising by toxic positivity, and avoiding our emotions and conversations?

....because no matter what, whether it be relationships, families, or organisations, we all need accountability.

It takes courage to be held accountable for what people do. It is hard work because it is so vulnerable, it's uncomfortable and requires such fortitude and honesty, and therefore we often look for somewhat easy, and fixed-chain ways of reacting.

It was Albert Einstein who said - "I fear the day of technology when it will surpass our human interaction."

Humanisation when aligned with accountability is the key to having a better and sustainable future for tomorrow.

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