Data driven. Human Centric.

We specialise in governance.
It's in our DNA.

We measure it.
We advise on it.
We enhance it.

Measuring Human Governance


How we can help you

Using evidence-based practice, interdisciplinary research methodologies and governance expertise, we enhance organisational performance and ensure better compliance outcomes.

We measure

We advise

We are the creators of GOVindicia® a specifically designed governance assessment tool, which produces real data outcomes.

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We support you in developing a governance strategy to enhance your performance and improve your risk management and  compliance outcomes.

We enhance

We work with you along your journey, with our advisory partners, to enhance your governance and performance for the long term.

A little about Perrin Carey

We are a purpose before profit company. What this means is that we put our purpose at the forefront of our own decision-making. Our purpose is to improve society by improving business.

We believe that how well you steer your organisation today, determines the society of tomorrow

We believe that the quality of your governance today, determines your performance tomorrow

We believe that the quality of the first seven years of our children's lives today, determines the quality of our leadership and community tomorrow

Workplace Inclusion Award - Tech4Good

Our governance assessment technology
GOVindicia® was a finalist in the tech4good Awards 2021.

We are thrilled at this recognition of our work and research.