"...we will collaborate and contribute to each other, growing along the way"

 Working together

Contribution, Collaboration and Ownership


These are the three principles that will define how we work together. 


We will contribute to each other. 

We will collaborate with each other.

We will be clear about the ownership.



Our Work

Our work and this method of collaboration is highly effective.

In fact, this approach is most useful for you, because 

you learn,

you grow,

you become supple, self sufficient, and

you develop sustainability and resilience.


It’s most useful for me, because

I have time to look at how the world of governance is changing, 

develop new ideas and methods,

and bring them back to you.

Your Work

You will do your work.

What this means is that I will advise, support and where necessary teach you about the work you should do, however I will not do the work for you.


This is important, because you need to own the work.

Regulators require that you own the work,

sustainability says it makes sense for you to own your work, and

you should want to own your work.


My Work

The work that I do is centred around three channels


I advise

I support

I teach


This means I will advise you, support you and teach you, however I will not do your work for you.

See below about ownership.


I own and am responsible for my work

You own and are responsible for your work

We decide this ownership at the outset

We monitor and report on this ownership

"...moving organisations towards better governance"

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