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Things falling apart, is a good sign

The sun shines on those who accept hopelessness, not because we should not have hope, but because false hope creates a false expectation of the future.

As Pema Chodron would say, "things fall apart, so better things can fall together."

The future of good governance lies within its semantic roots. Governance comes from the Latin, meaning 'to steer'. How we often articulate it now, within codified frameworks, means it's no longer about 'steering' but about compliance. It's lost its very positive, forward looking outlook, and become predominantly reflective and critical.

Is there anything, in fact, in this world which gives us the sense of relief that nothing will fall apart? I don't think so and that's an opening for opportunity.

As Pema Chodron says, "when things are shaky you're on the verge of something really good waiting for you."

Can we look at governance in this way, keep our patience and our need for certainty under control, affording us enough uncertainty to take opportunities as they arise. It depends on us.

In our moments of 'shakiness', are we feeling panicked, disheartened, sad or are we able to be compassionate, patient and courageous and look forwards and steer towards our future, our purpose.

Nothing in this world is stable, nothing is still forever. Things will go down and come back up again and vice versa.

Perhaps if we want to move towards better governance, if we want to bring people together around a common vision, we need to be clear about the possibilities that are in front of us. Clear on our purpose.

Therefore, if we are courageous enough to allow all the broken pieces of things to come together, and have the courage to be open to uncertainty, we can simply let things fall apart beautifully with the confidence they will come together again.


This blog was written with the support and insight of one of our contributors. Thank you, Divya. As an MBA student specifically interested in marketing and culture, she is a contributor to the Perrin Carey blog. If you would like to contribute to moving governance forwards towards a more ethical and human centric framework, please contact Perrin.

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