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Regulatory changes happen 10 to the dozen, but perhaps this is not 'compliance's' biggest challenge?

"Compliance", although you know I think it doesn’t really exist, is probably the job of an owl.

“Owls are equipped with special adaptations that make them efficient predators. Keen eyesight allows them locate quarry even on dim nights. Sensitive, directional hearing helps locate concealed prey. Some species can even hunt in complete darkness using sound alone to guide them to a successful kill.”

I don’t suggest we kill our prey, but we do have to have exceptional sight, we have to have exquisite senses to enable us to navigate our way though our organisations, identifying the current and emerging risks they face.

This can be phenomenally challenging as we have to consider both internal and external factors influencing this picture.

My experience has taught me that the biggest stretch for us here, is not actually the external regulatory changes, as these are more often than not clearly visible.

The real test is the internal. Here, it is the human element, which is so inherently unpredictable, where our work needs to be focused.

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