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I’ve been called a lot of things in my time and one I take objection to is being a “gatekeeper”!

Compliance professionals are often referred to in this way, but let’s think about this for a minute. What does a “gatekeeper” do? Perhaps it goes without saying but clearly they mind the “gate”, checking what comes through, making sure it’s of quality, the right quantity, or in the case of a business that good decisions get made.

If it’s not of quality, if it’s the wrong quantity, things shouldn’t get through! Makes sense.

Compliance are not “gatekeepers”, they can’t be! At least, not if you’re trying to implement a ‘best practice’ 3LOD model. It simply doesn’t fit.

Compliance, as 2LOD, don’t make business decisions, they check the authenticity and veracity of others’ decisions. They check the effectiveness of the “gatekeepers”.

Think about that...

...Compliance and their work, assure the quality of the gate, its mechanism and the effectiveness of the operators of the gate.

Compliance are not “gatekeepers”!

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