"...we will use a practical and pragmatic model, based on years of experience, to guide us"

 Perrin Carey

Governance Performance Indicia© 


New Governance Model v2.png

If we are to move towards better governance, we need to be clear about how we are going to do this.

The Governance Performance Indicia© Model has been created from years of research, reading and practical experience.

It centres around the integration of three key elements:


Decision implementation

Organisational culture

The model is pragmatic, clear and each element can be measured and monitored to gauge progress and outcomes.

The Model

can be and has already been be adopted by numerous organisations.


There is a fee for registration and an annual renewal fee both dependent upon the size and nature of the organisation.

I also carry out audit assessments against the Model, see My Services.

Here is a short, 2 minute video [with sound], which illustrates perhaps what perfect governance looks like

I work with organisations using a collaborative method, implementing a model of governance designed over many years of research and practical experience. 


This method of collaboration is highly effective because as an organisation

you learn,

you grow,

you become supple, self-sufficient, and

you develop sustainability and resilience.


If you are seeking a comprehensive, innovative and evidence-based way of working towards governance, risk and compliance, which incorporates a systems approach, with clear monitoring of progress and that emphasises the importance of organisational culture,


please contact me.