"...there are many ways in which I can support, and guide towards better"

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Business Risk Assessment Review

Procedure & Control Review

Compliance Monitoring Review

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Visit Preparation

Post Visit Support & Guidance

Mock Regulatory Visit

Risk Mitigation Programme

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 Towards Better Governance 

Why TBG?

This is about 'better'.

Not doing the minimum,

Not ticking the box,

Not repeating the same mistakes, but

Moving towards better.

There are four stages

Stage 1 - Assessment

Stage 2 - Design

Stage 3 - Implementation

Stage 4 - Monitoring

Assessment - Stage 1

Governance encompasses three elements




This Stage assesses each of these three elements, measures them, 

quantitatively and qualitatively, and

provides you with a view on the quality of each in your organisation.

These are then used to give you an outcome measure

of your organisation's governance effectiveness

Implementation - Stage 3

As with all 'change management' programmes, this is the bit that's hard.

This is the bit that requires determination, resilience and expertise.

This is where my guidance and support is critical and where I can really begin to contribute to your organisation, 

It's growth,

It's sustainability,

It's contribution to all stakeholders

This where true collaboration

moves you towards better.

Design - Stage 2

During this stage, we will design a framework, which meets the needs of your organisation and its strategy, size and structure.

This framework will incorporate 

Governance structure

Risk Management

Opportunity Acceptance

Values and Principles

Leadership Enhancement 

These are designed to ensure that your organisation's purpose, direction and long-term strategy are supported.

Monitoring - Stage 4

Once you've begun to create positive change,

you will want to make sure that this continues.

This part of the programme puts in place

regular monitoring and assessment points.

This helps you to ensure that you continue to move towards better, and

That the benefits you have already begun to see do not slide away.

Gradually, over time,

you will be able to take full ownership of this, and

I will support and guide as required.

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