Enhancing performance through humanising, modelling and measuring governance

Governance, performance and belonging


Since 1992, and the Cadbury Report[7] Corporate Governance has become increasingly important and has been adopted and transcribed into legislation, codes or guidance in over 100 territories around the world.


Corporate governance, of course, is not governance and this has become the purpose of Perrin Carey Limited; to "Further the understanding and practice of governance around the world".


Good governance is not an outcome of itself, it is forged deep inside organisations and has an almost primitive connection with culture[8] and purpose[9].

Organisations are just groups of people centred around a common purpose and a strong sense of purpose creates 'belonging'[10]. Belonging is associated with 

56% increase in job performance

50% drop in turnover risk

75% reduction in sick days[11].

Belonging is good for business.


Increasing regulation, global crises, rising compliance salaries and yet continued corporate failures. You only have to take a look in the media and see the catalogue of corporate failures. 


An increasing emphasis on ethics, customer centricity, operational efficacy, digital usability and yet we still have to ensure shareholder return.


Getting governance right is critical, but it’s also of significant benefit to a business as it supports long term growth and sustainability, as well as employee engagement and culture.

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