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Measuring governance is tough

Governance, however, is troublesome because it's very difficult to measure. There are many models of governance, however few, if any, afford the opportunity to measure it.





Research is clear

Argüden, 2010[16] suggests that measures,  do not pay sufficient attention to the quality of information, decision-making processes, nor do they link the effectiveness of governance to output measures such as the brand image, employee and customer satisfaction indices, or profitability and value creation.

Also, most measures fail to deal with learning and development in governance and generally, measuring the quality of corporate governance is still a relatively new concept[17].


The measures that do exist for Corporate Governance are simply not enough, and in fact, don't really get at the heart of the question,


"how well are both the organisation, and the people within the organisation, 'being steered' and how well are they 'steering'?". 

Most attempts to measure the quality of corporate governance focus on compliance related issues. Numerous rating models also seem to focus on the inputs of governance, such as the composition of boards and the separation of the CEO and chairman roles.


Measuring human governance

GOVindicia® affords organisations and boards the ability to quantify governance using quantitative and qualitative data, create tailored interventions and move towards better.

The model and assessment of governance, GOVindicia® created over decades of experience and research, allows for this need for practicality and additionally provides the ability to assess and quantify each element. These data outcomes can be used to implement and drive governance improvements.


The assessment is through a 36-point, internally validated and confidence driven assessment tool. It is issued to all staff throughout the organisation and results are anonymised and then collated to produce outcomes for each of the elements and components above.


The outcomes are also aligned to various global corporate governance codes.

Quantitative data

Unlike most governance assessments, GOVindicia® produces quantitative data to indicate where you are on your governance journey.

40 indicators emerge from the assessment tool we have created and these can be used to implement an intelligent strategy to enhance your organisation's governance.

We have built this around a scientific methodology, which factors in behavioural science, evolutionary psychology, neurophysiology and governance research.

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Code alignment

Of course, governance is no longer just about performance. In fact for most organisations, especially regulated firms, governance is actually about corporate governance code compliance.

We recognise this and have interconnected our 40 GOVindicia® indicators with global corporate governance codes and other regulatory and assurance frameworks.

This alignment allows you to see exactly where your efforts and strategy should focus.

[16] Argüden, (2010). Measuring the effectiveness of corporate governance. Leadership and Organisations.

[17] Darko, T et al., (2014). Measuring the Quality of Corporate Governance – A Review of Corporate Governance indices. European Journal of Economics and Management (1234-5678) 1 (2014), 1; 234-251