"...moving organisations towards

better governance"

If we are to move ourselves forwards,

If we are to support and guide our organisations,

and the people within them,


We have to embrace the fact that nothing is permanent.

We have to accept that perhaps some things can never be solved.


We can only just keep moving towards better.

This is the ethos of my work.


I help organisations move towards better governance, so as to create long term growth, sustainability, efficiency and resilience, through simplicity, whilst at the same time ensuring compliance.

Compliance is an outcome of having both robust risk management and a comprehensive governance framework, supported by lived cultural values.


 What's this about? 

We’re stuck. 


We’ve been here a while and don’t really know how to get out.

Increasing regulation,

global crises, 

rising compliance salaries and

yet continued corporate failures. 


An increasing emphasis on ethics,

customer centricity and

yet we still have to ensure shareholder return.


Here I am...


Rethinking these challenges.

Rethinking culture and governance.

Rethinking integrated GRC.


Rethinking how corporate objectives are shifting and

how this new decade brings with it significant change.

 What can you find here?  

Information, research, a blog, a podcast and

how I work with organisations to help them move

towards better governance.

I provide

Advisory and assurance in governance, risk and compliance

at strategic level.

I speak

On organisational culture, its integration with governance and

how it defines us.

I advise

Leadership on the challenges of modern and evolving governance and

how to get better at it.

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"...moving organisations towards better governance"

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