"...we will use the Governance Performance Indicia© to assess, reflect upon and monitor governance"

 Perrin Carey

Governance Performance Indicia©

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Governance is troublesome, 

not because its unimportant, it's critical, but

because it's very difficult to measure. 

What if we could,

what if we could create an index

that allowed boards and their directors

to reflect on the perception of governance

across and throughout their organisation?


Well, you can.

As an academic,

as well as a practitioner,

I have also had to use the skills of a researcher

to consider carefully how best to assess governance.

The measures for Corporate Governance are simply not enough, and

in fact don't really get at the heart of the question...

"...how well are both the organisation, and

the people within the organisation, 'being steered'

how well are they 'steering'?"

In this vein then,

I have created a methodology for assessing

the quality of governance in organisations

using the nine periphery

and three core elements of my Model.

This assessment,

the Governance Performance Indicia ©,

produces outcomes for each of the elements

and provides a quantitative view of the governance

within your organisation.

These data outcomes can be used to implement and drive

governance improvements and

allow your board to internally reflect,

enhance and monitor their governance.