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  • 2021 Governance and Culture Masterclass
    To be confirmed in early January 2021
    Location is TBD
    To be confirmed in early January 2021
    Location is TBD
    Governance is troublesome. We’ve modelled it, We are measuring it, and We support you in finding it.

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ICSA - Changing the narrative: How Big

Data and AI can

support organisations within their governance framework

Event Summary

Artificial Intelligence is probably one of the biggest potential disruptors to how organisations operate and control themselves. However, soon AI will be much more present in the boardroom and could potentially be making decisions as an artificial NED.

BPP - Preparing for a regulatory visit

Regulatory onsite visits are part of the framework that protects a jurisdictions credibility.

Here I discussed how licensees within the financial services sector in Guernsey should prepare for such a visit, however its equally relevant for other industries.

BPP - 2020 Anti-bribery & Corruption

ABC is a growing issue and one of the methods by which these risks can be mitigated is through policies, procedures and controls.

However, and this is critical, P,P & Cs are not a panacea and they need to be used alongside other methods of mitigation, culture change programmes being one of them. It inspired my post on Compliance Manuals!

BPP - Post regulatory visit outcomes

Regulatory visits are part of most regulatory frameworks. There are a few possible outcomes that stem from these and Mathew [of Comsure] and I discussed these during this engaging webinar.

Digital future of


Having been involved with Tier 4 for many many years, it was a delight to speak to a varied audience from Higher Education, Private Providers and others.

Governance | Ultimate defence of white elephant?

Here I spoke as part of the 2019 BPP AML series held in Guernsey.

I presented on the topic of governance and challenged conceptions on its effectiveness and how we should perhaps look for more evidence-based governance solutions.


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