To be confirmed in early January 2021 | Location is TBD

2021 Governance and Culture Masterclass

Governance is troublesome. We’ve modelled it, We are measuring it, and We support you in finding it.
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2021 Governance and Culture Masterclass

Time & Location

To be confirmed in early January 2021
Location is TBD

About the event

Workshop 1

Understanding governance

Governance has become a buzzword. But what does it mean? What does it look like? How do you achieve it?

This workshop addresses these questions and will help your organisation truly understand what good governance looks like.

Workshop 2

Importance of culture

We are told by regulators by governing bodies to implement and ethical culture. What is an ethical culture? What makes up culture? How do you create the culture you want?

This workshop lifts the lid on organisational culture and why it’s the foundation upon which governance is built.

Workshop 3

The Challenge of decision-making

Decision-making is what drives our organisations forwards. It’s what determines the direction of travel of our organisations. What makes a good decision? What things disrupt our decision-making? What can we do to improve our decision-making?

This workshop interrogates the fundamentals of good decision-making and gives you tools with which you can support everyone in your organisation in making better decisions.

Workshop 4

Putting governance into action

Governance presents itself as a problem, whereas we see it as the solution. If you get your governance right, everyone in your organisation will understand and engage with your purpose, you will enhance your organisation’s performance and you will get better compliance.

This workshop pulls everything together. Your culture, your decision-making and your organisation’s purpose.

We hack into your organisation and give you the tools and methods with a which you can improve your governance.

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